Thursday, October 15, 2009

What is Project 365?

Participants in Project 365 have decided to put their willpower and photographic ability to the test by taking (at least) one photo every day for a year.

The reasons behind the project vary from person to person. Some want to preserve a year in photographs-- some want to learn to take better photos-- and others are just looking for a little extra motivation to get that camera out every single day. For me, it's a little of all of those things, plus pure curiosity to see if I can meet the challenge.

I have decided to give my Project 365 the broadest possible scope. Anything goes-- from floral macros to self-portraits and everything else that happens to strike my fancy. (However, I may decide to devote certain weeks or even months to specific subjects or photographic styles.)

Thanks for stopping by, and if you like what you see here, you might want to check out the non-Project-365 photos on my Flickr photostream.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is David Jimenez and I work for The United Nations University Media Studio and I tried to contact you before by FLickr.

    We are preparing a free DVD for the COP10 in Aichi Japan, the International Conference of Biodiversity.

    This DVD is a compilation of video documentaries all around the world previously released on our web-magazine called Our World 2.0
    I wander if we can use your Dragonfly photo for free, as the main cover of our DVD.

    We usually use Creative Commons licensed material, but in this case we found your photo excellent for our DVD compilation.

    I can add your credit on the DVD and send you a couple of copies if you are interested on it.

    Thank you very much, and looking forward to hearing from you.

    David Jimenez
    United Nations University Media Studio